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Earthquakes near Newdigate, Surrey

Installing an additional monitoring station near Gatwick.

A sequence of small earthquakes has been recorded near Newdigate, Surrey, between 1 April and 28 February 2019. The largest had a magnitude 3.1 ML and six others had magnitudes of greater than 2.0 ML. Ten of the earthquakes were felt by people living nearby and there was public concern that the earthquake sequence may have been triggered by nearby hydrocarbon exploration and production.

Five temporary sensors were installed by BGS in mid-July close to the epicentral area to study the events in more detail.

Our analysis shows that earthquake epicentres are tightly clustered in a 3 km by 3 km source zone that lies between the villages of Newdigate and Charlwood, and at a distance of approximately 8 km from the Brockham oil field. Depths calculated using only recordings at distances of up to 10 km suggest that the events are most likely to have occurred at depths of approximately 2 km.

We use the criteria suggested by Davis and Frohlich (1993) to assess the available evidence that the earthquake sequence may have been induced. This suggests that the events are unlikely to have been induced.

A detailed report on the earthquake sequence can be found Here. A report from the public meeting is available on the website of the Oil & Gas Authority (OGA): OGA Newdigate Seismicity Workshop - 3 october 2018

BGS's seismic monitoring provides an impartial source of earthquake data and calculated earthquake magnitude and location. Data from our stations are viewable on the real-time seismograms page of our website.

The BGS publishes detected events on our website page 'Earthquakes around the British Isles in the last 100 days'.

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