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Links to Seismology Information

Seismological societies

Educational pages for seismology

Regularly updated earthquake listings

World earthquake data sources

  • International Seismological Centre The ultimate repository for globally recorded earthquake data. The ISC computes 'best solutions' around 2 years in arrears from agencies all over the world. The BGS UK network data is contributed to the ISC.
  • NOAA National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) earthquake data.
  • USGS NEIC EPIC database. This page allows searches by individual catalogue and area. There are several different catalogues covering varying time spans and different (sometimes overlapping) regions of the world.
  • GSHAP project. Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Programme web site. Provides generalised seismic hazard map of the world, with separate regional maps available.

Comprehensive index page for seismologically related links (recommended)

Seismology Reference Manuals



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UK Media Directory

  • UK media index covers all newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations.